Dani Woodhouse (Gusterson)

Olympic gold medallist Danielle Woodhouse

Athlete Biography

1969 -

Danielle Woodhouse won a gold medal for Australia in women’s water polo at Sydney 2000. The West Australian had special reason to celebrate the historic victory – her sister Bridget Gusterson was also on the team. Woodhouse shared goalkeeping duties with Liz Weekes. Women’s water polo had never been played at the Games before Sydney, but it proved a huge success with fans. The Aussie team responded wonderfully to the hometown support. It won its four of its five preliminary round games, then scored two goals in the final 90 seconds of its semi-final against Russia to win 7-6. The gold medal final was even more dramatic, with the team beating the United States 4-3 on a goal with 1.3 seconds remaining.