Daniel Greig

Daniel Greig had a character building Olympic debut at the Sochi Games yet he showed what could be possible for his future. Greig suffered every skater's worst nightmare when he fell in the opening seconds of his first 500m race - his pet event that he won a World Championship medal in just weeks before the Games. The 22-year-old picked himself up, finished the race and then admirably returned to the ice for his second 500m, despite knowing he could not improve his placing. A couple of days later, Greig then put the demons of his 500m race behind him and clocked a great 1000m race, with a really fast 600m split time that showed he had what it took in his pet event. He finished 22nd in the 1000m.

Greig only took up Speed Skating when he was 17 years old, crossing over from Inline Skating which he had been competing in since he was six. As an Inline Skater, Greig won two gold medals at the Junior World Championships but decided to switch to ice in order to pursue his dreams of competing at the Olympics.

At the beginning of 2013 at the Single Distance World Championships, Greig showed his rapid progression in the sport, finishing 16th in the 500m and 17th in the 1000m, breaking into the top 20 after finishing 21st and 22nd in 2012. In 2013, he went on to earn selection to his debut Olympic Games. In the final World Cup of the 2013 season, he recorded a top 10 finish, placing ninth in the 500m. He then won breakthrough international medals at the 2014 World Sprint Speed Skating Championships in Nagano, Japan. Greig took home silver in both 500m races as well as placing 5th and 8th in the 1000m races. The results saw him finish third overall.

Greig is one of only a handful of skaters in history to race a 34 second 500m before the age of 21.

Olympic Results

2014 Sochi

1000m - Men
Final +1.74 1:10.13 22
Final Placing 22 / 40
500m - Men
Race 1 +45.96 80.55 40
Race 2 115.84, +46.53, 39 35.29 17
Final Placing 39 / 40

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