Bruce Haslingden

1922 - 2007

Bruce Haslingden and teammate Cedric Sloan were Australia’s first cross-country skiing Olympians competing at the 1952 Winter Games in Oslo, Norway.

Haslingden competed in the 18km event placing 74th and the 50km event where he did not finish. Having reached Norway after a six-week sea voyage, he had lost much of his physical condition and could not match the Nordic champions.

Haslingden pioneered cross-country skiing in the Snowy Mountains of NSW and was the father of the Cooma Ski Club.

Haslingden was a farmer and grazier who lived all his life at Kelton Plain, near Cooma, in the Snowy Mountains. He died, aged 84, in April 2007 of an acute staph infection acquired working on the farm.

Olympic Results

1952 Oslo

18km - Men
Final 1:29.58 74
Final Placing 74 / 80
50km - Men
Final DNF
Final Placing /

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