Team Selection Rio 2016

The AOC intends to send a full team estimated to be around 470 athletes to the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro. All of the relevant documentation regarding selection for the 2016 Australian Olympic Team will be available from this area of the AOC website.

Athletes and officials are encouraged to check their specific sport for relevant documentation and updates between now and the Games.

Team Selection is a 3 step process.

1/ Qualification (under the IF Qualification System)

2/ Nomination (under the NF Nomination Criteria)

3/ Selection (under the AOC Selection Criteria)

All of the International Federation 'Qualification Systems' have been released by the IOC and published by sport below. Some sport-specific National Federation Nomination Criteria have been approved and are also published below. As the remaining National Federation Nomination Criteria are released, the AOC will publish below. 


International Federation Qualification Systems and National Federation Nomination Criteria