Athlete Support Services

Information for Family and Friends 

The AOC recognises the important input family and friends have on the careers of athletes. An effective support structure is a fundamental part of an athlete’s ability to compete successfully at an international level. To find out about some simple things that family and friends can do to support your athletes, click below.

Athlete Liaison Officers

Within the Athlete Services section of each Australian Olympic Team are positions for Athlete Liaison Officers (ALOs). The objective of these ALOs are to:

  • Act as mentors by providing information to athletes about the experiences ALO’s found effective and useful during competition which will help the athletes to maintain focus and maximise performance.
  • Work within Head Coaches’ programs and with their guidance.
  • Promote fellowship within the Team.
  • Assist to maximise athletes’ positive Olympic experiences.
  • These positions are awarded to Australian’s who are an inspiration to the Team and have achieved greatness in their chosen field.

Olympic Appeals Consultant

The AOC appoints Olympic Appeal Consultants for Australian Olympic Teams. 

The position has been established following review of our Olympic Team Selection process for the past few Games. This role as described in Clause 9 of the AOC Olympic Team Selection By-Law is to be available to discuss with athletes contemplating an appeal, the reasons for their non-nomination by their National Federation (NF) to the AOC or non-selection by the AOC. 

The Olympic Appeal Consultant will not provide legal advice to Athletes but ensure that the Athlete fully understands the reasons for the decision in question. The Olympic Appeal Consultant is to facilitate a consultative process between the Athlete and the NF or the AOC as the case may be. 

The AOC and the NF are required to fully co-operate with the Olympic Appeal Consultant in this regard. When the Olympic Appeals Consultant is appointed for the 2014 Australian Olympic Winter Team athletes can contact the Consultant through their National Federation.

The consultant for the 2014 Australian Olympic Winter Team is Bruce Collins.

Athlete Counselling Support Services

2014 Australian Olympic Winter Team Shadow Team athletes are provided with access to an extended network of psychological support and athlete career and education services. This support is in addition to the support services already offered by National Athlete Career Education (ACE) and sport psychology networks athletes may currently be accessing through National Federations and/or Institutes/Academies of Sport. 

For further details on the Australian Sports Commission National Athlete Counselling Support Initiative for Sochi 2014 Shadow Team Athletes see the PDF below.