A.S.P.I.R.E. Team Values

The AOC Athletes' Commission supports the A.S.P.I.R.E values adopted as the Australian Olympic Team value statement, and enshrined in the Team Agreement, signed by all athletes participating at an Olympic Games.

(1) Attitude – My positive attitude is essential in overcoming obstacles to help me improve and give of my best. My positive attitude is a key ingredient to success and leadership.

(2) Sportsmanship – I recognise that sport is greater than the individual; that cheating reduces the stature of sport and all who love it; that class, race and creed are never factors in the attitude of true sports people and those who respect the virtues and values of sport.

(3) Pride – Pride drives me when the temptation is to settle for something less. I am proud to have been chosen to represent our country.

(4) Individual responsibility – I alone am responsible for my performance but I will be generous in acknowledging the support of others.

(5) Respect – I respect sport, the efforts of my competitors, my team mates and officials. I respect Australia, our Olympic past and the spirit of Olympism.

(6) Express – I have an opinion and will express my view with thought and consideration to others. In showing my emotions I do so with individuality and, where possible, good humour and humility.