rogenSi is a supplier to the AOC and the Australian Olympic Team until the end of 2016.

It is entirely appropriate that rogenSi is partnering with the AOC given that it specialises in creating exceptional performance (EP) in business. rogenSi was a sponsor of the AOC’s from 1974 to the Year 2000, in the lead-up to the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games  and has coached hundreds of Australia’s sports management and athletes in leadership, public speaking and media skills, to provide them with capabilities that will last beyond their Olympic years.

Operating in some 10 countries and working with more than 20,000 people each year, rogenSi helps organisations convert Visions to Results. Its partners believe that three critical factors exponentially affect exceptional performance: Alignment, Capability and Mindset. So when exceptional performance occurs, people understand the organisation’s vision and its strategy to achieve that vision. Employees understand the implications of the vision on themselves as individuals, and on the organisation as a whole, and will be individually focused, engaged and committed to achieving that Vision. EP also requires the organisation’s people to have capability in terms of knowledge, skills and processes and above all to have a mindset that generates confidence and builds the belief required to win.