Jack of all trades

2 Apr 2012

22-year-old superstar Jack Bobridge has won more cycling titles than most elite riders collect in a lifetime. But there is one crown missing from the Beijing Olympian's trophy cabinet which he hopes to win at he 2012 London Olympic Games.


In my books, in my eyes,

London’s my first goal, my massive goal,

to go there, you know, with all my mates
and staff and coaches that I’ve had

and to win, definitely to win.

There’s only goal, one aim,
is to go to London and win.

So yeah, that’s been a massive goal
of mine ever since Beijing,

where we had a disappointment
with fourth.

You know, you work so hard
for something and you don’t get it, and...

But it’s been good, ’cause
it’s kept me hungry for it again

and it feels like only yesterday
I was in Beijing,

and London’s coming up so quick again.

Yeah, so we get...we’ve got
the worlds in Australia,

which is gonna be fantastic,

and then we look full gas and go full gas
right through to London.

The last two years of my life
has been pretty...pretty hectic.

Two years ago was when I first become
a senior world champion on the track

in the team pursuit –

what I’m training for
in London as well.

That was in Copenhagen.

But to come out and finally...finally win
something big in the seniors

was fantastic.

I also went on that year to ride firstly
with my professional team,

um...where I got my first professional
win at the end of that season.

That was great.

Then we headed into the
Commonwealth Games after that,

at the end of that year,
and that was pretty good memories,

after winning two gold medals there,

in the individual pursuit
and the teams pursuit.

And, um, you know, we broke the
Australian teams pursuit record as well.

We also broke the Commonwealth
Games record in that event,

and I also broke the Commonwealth
Games record in the individual, so...

Um, yeah, that was pretty special

to go there and to do that,

um, like a mini Olympics,
as I like to call it.

It brings back good memories
from Beijing

and also gets you pretty hyped up
for 2012 and London.

I also went through to do...to win
another two track world titles,

again in the teams pursuit
and also the individual pursuit.

For that, I actually...

Yeah, it was probably
one of the biggest highlights,

or is the biggest highlight,
in my career so far.

I broke the individual pursuit
world record.

That was standing for 15 years.

So to break the record
in the national titles

and then go along to win the world title
on top of it

was pretty special as well.

At the moment I’m juggling both,

but track is definitely number one
for me until London, definitely.

I’ve still got some really big
road commitments

with the GreenEDGE team,
the full Australian team,

which is gonna be fantastic.

You know, they’re gonna respect me

for everything I want to do
right through to London,

so they’re gonna give me the best
program to go...to perform in London.

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