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No walk in the Park on Scott's path to PyeongChang

2 August 2017

AERIALS: At this time of year, training for Aerial Skiers has less to do with snow and much more with its warmer genesis.

The Flying Kangaroos have been in Park City, Utah since May, honing their skills with water-ramping.

Current world silver medallist, multiple World Cup medallist and Sochi Olympian, Danielle Scott is one of Australia’s medal hopes next February who is making the most of her pre-Olympic training.

“So far it’s been water ramping, stepping up strength and conditioning and ballet (barre) for flexibility and body alignment,” Scott said.

“I already have the fluidity, but the barre work is used as cross training and helps with our posture, being tall and moving as one piece,” she explained.

Scott is not training new jumps but doing what she does better.

“For me it’s refining what I have been doing and getting the jumps as perfect as I can.”

That means going into the water again and again.

“Training here is so important. Park City is one of the world’s best facilities. Everything is so close. The gym, shops and accommodation make it simple and easy. This place has so much to offer in summer and winter.”

Park City is home to the US aerial team and this year the Swiss and Chinese teams are training there as well.

“You do see people throwing harder tricks off the water ramp because there is no ski-away. That’s a lighter side of being altogether in the one facility.”

Training for the Australians means long days and spending a lot of time together.

A typical day begins at 8am with an hour in the gym, ramps from 10.30am until noon and again from 1.30pm to 3pm, followed by another gym session, physio, psych and video replay before a team dinner.

“Someone always cooks a team dinner. We take it in turns but Sam (Wells) definitely loves to cook and we just like to get fed. It’s like an art for her. She’s the winner in the chef department.”

Scott shares accommodation with Dave Morris, and the chat is continual.

“First thing in the morning the banter begins. It’s constant. If someone was recording it would be hilarious,” she said.

“There is not a lot of personal space and there are times when I get the go pro out and take some great footage. We all have different ways to relax and unwind.”

The team will remain in Park City until early October.

“We are the mercy of the US. They design their perfect schedule and we have to fit around that.

“We only get ninety-minute water ramp sessions with really short breaks, which is not great for recovery.”

Coaches Joe Davies and Jeff Bean are essential to the ongoing Aussie success.

“With Joe’s technical expertise out there and Jeff’s second eye, they are right down to the minute details and really trying to maximise every point.”

Joe Davies, an American who formerly coached members of the US Aerial team, is a bonus for the Flying Kangaroos.

“We have maintained good relations with other countries on the world tour. Joe has kept that respect and that helps us to use facilities like here in Park City and also in Switzerland. 

Since the sport was first introduced to the Winter Olympics in 1994, Australia has won two gold (Alisa Camplin and Lydia Lassila), one silver (David Morris) and two bronze (Alisa Camplin and Lydia Lassila).

Belinda Noonan

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