Lachlan Elmer

1969 -

Dual Olympian Lachlan Elmer won a medal at both of the Games where he represented Australia: silver in 1992 and bronze in 1996. Elmer was aged 23 when he first represented Australia at the Olympics in Barcelona. The team advanced to the gold medal final, where it lost to Germany 2-1. The Kookaburras scored revenge of a sort four years later in Atlanta when it beat the Germans 3-2 in the bronze medal final. His younger brother, James, better known as Jimmy, would win a bronze medal with the hockey team at Sydney 2000.

Olympic Results

Barcelona 1992 - Summer Olympic Games

Hockey - Men
Preliminaries Group A - AUS V ARG HT: 3-0, Goals: Wansbrough 3, Davies 2, Lewis, Stacey ARG 7-0 Win
Preliminaries Group A - AUS V EGY HT: 2-1, Goals: Birmingham, Bodimeade 2, Lewis, Stacey EGY 5-1 Win
Preliminaries Group A - AUS V GER HT: 1-0, Goals: Davies GER 1-1 Draw
Preliminaries Group A - AUS V IND HT: 1-0, Goals: Stacey IND 1-0 Win
Preliminaries Group A - GER V AUS HT: 0-2, Goals: Birmingham 2, Davies 2, Stacey 2 GBR 0-6 Win
Semi Final HT: 2-1, Goals: Bodimeade, Lewis, Wark NED 3-2 Win
Final HT: 0-1, Goals: Corbitt GER 1-2 Loss  
Final Placing 2 / 12