Jackie Pereira

1964 -

Jackie Pereira was one of the finest goal scorers ever to play hockey for Australia. The West Australian participated in three consecutive Olympics, winning gold medals in 1988 and 1996 and placing fifth in 1992. Her two gold medals stand as testimony to her personal talent and the strength of the national team during her career. Pereira was the first woman to score 100 goals for Australia in international competition. Possessing great speed and uncanny anticipation, her ability to conjure goals in open play made her a vital player and a feared weapon for Australia during its golden run. She was one of only three women, along with Rechelle Hawkes and Liane Tooth, to be part of the Hockeyroos’ first two gold medal teams.

Olympic Results

Barcelona 1992 - Summer Olympic Games

Hockey - Women
Preliminaries Group A - AUS V CAN HT: 0-0, Goals: Tooth, Haslam CAN 2-0 Win
Preliminaries Group A - AUS V GER HT: 0-0 GER 0-1 Loss
Preliminaries Group A - ESP V AUS HT: 1-0 ESP 1-0 Loss
Classification 5-8 HT: 3-0, Goals: Hager, Pereira 3, Hawkes NZL 5-1 Win
Classification 5-6 HT: 0-0, Goals: Annan, Powell L NED 2-0 Win
Final Placing 5 / 8

Seoul 1988 - Summer Olympic Games

Hockey - Women
Preliminaries Group B - Match 03 - AUS V FRG HT: 0-0, Goals: Bowman FGR 1-0 Win
Preliminaries Group B - Match 02 - AUS V CAN HT: 0-1, Goals: Bowman CAN 1-1 Draw
Preliminaries Group B - Match 06 - AUS V KOR HT: 4-3, Goals: Clement, Bowman, Pereira 3 KOR 5-5 Draw
Semi Final HT: 1-1, Goals: Tooth, Patmore 2 HOL 2-3 Win
Gold Medal Match HT: 0-0, Goals: Bowman, Capes L KOR 2-0 Win  
Final Placing 1 / 8